Is it worth to buy a filter pitcher
Is it worth to buy a filter pitcher
Wrzesień 10, 2019
dafi water filter
Dafi filters can be used in different pitchers
Wrzesień 20, 2019
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A filter for water- how to take care about our family health

dafi water health

A filter equipment we use mainly in order to purify tap water which very often is not as clean as we think. Water that flows in out pipes has a big quantity of chlorine and other impurities which are harmful to our health. What is more, water which we use directly from tap is often hard and it damages our household equipment. Tap water because of chlorine can harm our organism and that is why, in order to protect our family health a lot of us decide to filter tap water.

Take care about health using filters

The first step in order to take care about our health is purifying water from useless substances. One of the most popular method of water filtering is purchasing a filter pitcher with an exchangeable carbon filter. First of all, a filter improves the taste of water and it takes care about its composition, proper color and smell. A de-ironing water filter will easily remove manganese or iron compounds from our water, which can be harmful in large quantities. In addition to filters that eliminate harmful substances by their action, we can also choose those that enrich our water, e.g. with magnesium content. For this purpose, use a replaceable water filter from the manufacturer Dafi, which is suitable for filter pitcher of various types.

Why is it worth to filter water – healthy water for whole family

Human body in 70%  consists of water. It makes that our organs work well and we feel better. First of all, water much more effectively irrigates our body and that is why it becomes firmer and softer. Meals which are prepared on the basis of filtered water are taster, smell better and more importantly, they deliver useful substances. Using hard, not filtered water adversely affects the condition of our hair and results in the formation of dandruff, and the epidermis becomes more susceptible to cracks and damage.