Wrzesień 20, 2019
dafi water filter

Dafi filters can be used in different pitchers

Have you every consider the quality of your tap water? The majority of us think that if it flows to our houses then it cannot be […]
Wrzesień 17, 2019
dafi water health

A filter for water- how to take care about our family health

A filter equipment we use mainly in order to purify tap water which very often is not as clean as we think. Water that flows in […]
Wrzesień 4, 2019

How to choose a water filter for a single – family house?

The goal of purifying water which is supposed to be drunk or to be used for preparing meals, it is worth to use pitchers with filters. […]
Wrzesień 1, 2019
dafi filter

Where to install a filter for water?

Let’s note that more and more people in our country pay attention to the quality of tap water. The majority of the society complains about taste […]