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A filter for water- how to take care about our family health
Wrzesień 17, 2019
Can we wash Dafi pitchers in dishwashers
Can we wash Dafi pitchers in dishwashers
Wrzesień 25, 2019
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Dafi filters can be used in different pitchers

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Have you every consider the quality of your tap water? The majority of us think that if it flows to our houses then it cannot be harmful or contaminated. Unfortunately, oftev the truth is quite different. Water which is in our taps is tested and safe to drink, but its taste or smell may leave much to be desired.It is all because old pipelines which water goes to our homes. Secondary water pollution occurs as a result of iron compounds entering it, through corrosive pipes.

Water in our taps is often characterized by enormous hardness, which negatively affects our health and household appliances. Limescale, which is formed as a result of hard water, worsens the taste of prepared dishes, and also destroys home appliances.

The effectiveness of filter pitchers

Because of growing problems with tap water, more and more people decide on filtering water just before its use. One of the most effective solution without the necessity of mounting complicated appliances are fliter pitchers. Does it really work? Can they really purify and mineralize water? Exchangeable filter cartridges of polish producer Dafi are an easy and fast way to have healthy and tasty water at home. Every of filters is equipped with a carbon cartridge which catches from water only harmful microelements, without its complete demineralization. They soften water, preventing limescale on the dishes and kitchen appliances.

Depending on the choice of filter, our water can be enriched with magnesium, sodium, calcium or potassium ions. The operation of the filter is estimated at about 30 days, after which it is advisable to replace the filter cartridge with a new one. The indicator which has been placed on the lid of the pitcher will inform us about the upcoming exchange time.