How to choose a water filter for a single – family house?
Wrzesień 4, 2019
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A filter for water- how to take care about our family health
Wrzesień 17, 2019
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Is it worth to buy a filter pitcher

Is it worth to buy a filter pitcher

Often, when we ask ourselves if it is worth it- first what we think is saving. But, even more important criterion is the influence of a product to our health. Fortunately, in the case of Dafi filter pitchers we do not have to choose. Filter pitchers for water means saving and healt in one.

Filter water is definitely better taste

The taste of water is affected by both its minerals and chlorine added to get rid of harmful microorganisms. Water which reaches our houses flows kilometers of pipelines in which various dirt, rust and sediments are accumulated. These microparticles also affect the taste and aroma of water. The waterworks ensure 100% safety and guarantee absolute fitness for consumption. That is why , Dafi filter pitchers are a perfect solution. The variety of Dafi pitchers makes that everyone will find something for themselves. The company offers 9 different kinds of filter pitchers which differ by capacity, material, color and functionality. Each of them can be fitted with one of the matching Dafi filters. Thanks to the filter pitchers, we get tasty, healthy and free of unpleasant chemical odors. Filters used in Dafi pitchers also guarantee water softness and reduce the risk of deposits in household appliances and dishes into which we pour water.

A Dafi pitcher- healthy and economic solution

Despite of the obvious aroma, taste and health values of filtered water, Dafi pitchers save money. Because of such a solution we can completely give up buying bottled water and often it is an expenditure of about USD 50 per month. This cost grows if we have a big family and in the spring- summer period, especially during heat. Thus, the cost of tap water can be a few times lower than bottled water. Dafi pitchers with specialized filters do not deprive tap water, minerals, and  even some of them additionally enrich it.